About Us

About Us

In the contemporary environment, effective risk management strategies are more vital than ever.

Certus International fully understand the context and needs of our clients to provide bespoke, definitive risk management solutions for their operations, wherever they are situated.

Certus International is a risk management consultancy with a worldwide footprint. Our vast operational experience enables us to offer far-reaching, multi-disciplinary solutions for our clients across all sectors.

We employ global best practices for our clients at every level of their organization, ensuring that in an ever-changing world, negative outcomes are avoided or mitigated, and opportunities are exploited.

Our experience of working globally has enabled us to develop an intrinsic understanding of the cultural differences that businesses may encounter in their region of operations. This facilitates the successful delivery of our risk management mechanisms to support effective decision-making by our clients.

We possess a positive, proactive and dynamic attitude to risk management and have developed first-to-market, innovative products that demonstrate this outlook.

Enduring results are delivered to our clients by partnering them every step of the way into adopting effective, repeatable and consistent approaches to the management of risk.

Clients engage us for a broad spectrum of risk management services including:

  • Security risk management
  • Business continuity management
  • Health and safety management
  • Event risk management
  • Travel risk management
  • Investigations

We are a company who uphold the reputation, values and complete confidentiality of our client. Our consultants are all dedicated to service and are sought for not only their expertise, but also for their integrity and discretion.

We are Certus International.

Our intent is to deliver quantifiable effect by embedding and implementing our risk management methodologies and global expertise into our clients existing architecture.