Event Risk Management

Alams Aware

We completely manage all aspects of the event for our client and create international standards in safety and security enabling our clients to relax and enjoy the activity.

Special events are by their very nature not routine operations, but are often modified or new processes and procedures, used to support a one-time activity. Given that these activities are not routine, the exposure to risk is increased.

Basic values exposed to risk include: personnel, property, liability (responsibility for injury or damage to others), continuity and revenue. Accidents can involve injury or property damage resulting in financial loss, reputational loss, interruption or cancellation of the activity resulting in additional expenses, etc.

Certus International have a proven track record of successful event management ensuring our clients achieve their goals by maintaining a focus on safety and efficiency at all levels. We will identify and evaluate risks prior to the event by conducting a thorough risk analysis of potential venues, delivering detailed site surveys to our clients to shape their decision making.

Certus International uniquely provide short-term international health and safety standards to venues for the duration of your event. Our health and safety specialists identify shortfalls in existing systems and upgrade the architecture accordingly, creating a protective ‘bubble’ around the venue and your employees throughout.

We also ensure that your venue and event is compliant with local laws and liaise accordingly with local authorities on your behalf. Our time conducting risk management operations has enabled the establishment of relationships with key stakeholders in different regions who have proven to be consistently influential in the successful execution of our event management.

Key Deliverables from Certus International:

  • Risk identification and assessment - Facility selection
  • Facility infrastructure upgraded to international health and safety standards
  • Travel plan managed via Certus Eye
  • Access control
  • Risk mitigated throughout with detailed responses in place
  • Medical and security cover provided (if required)
  • Insurance requirements identified
  • Attendees educated on local customs and risk mitigation measures via Alams Aware