Travel Risk Management

Alams Aware

Certus International provides the most effective Duty of Care systems available for Corporations to achieve their mandated requirements. Our pre-education packages and real-time in-country updates facilitate informed, timely responses to any unexpected change.

In the current climate global travel can be a risky venture for a variety of reasons, if organizations fail to prepare their staff appropriately, it can result in a high impact at strategic level.

Certus International provide thorough travel risk analysis for our clients to tailor effective solutions based on objectives and risk appetites. Up-to-date intelligence reports, news, analysis and location tracking of all personnel is delivered via Certus Eye. We also provide our clients with Alams Aware, a modularized e-learning product that educates travellers on their destination, covering geography, history, demographics, government, safety and security, legal considerations, and cultural understanding. Our e-learning platform mitigates risks to your staff by making them more informed and aware of their environment. It also reduces the probability of an employee committing an act of social misconduct that could result in severe reputation damage.

Years of international experience have enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding of the cultural concerns that may impact travel, allowing us to anticipate any issues that may arise. Our specialists advise our clients on effective risk responses to allow them to deal proactively with crisis situations, including terror incidents, natural disasters and medical evacuation. In the event of any legal issues, support is provided by liaison and negotiation with host country authorities and consular personnel, if required, coupled with the allocation of specific legal representation.

Certus International offer the option to embed our security specialists into excursions, particularly to higher threat locations to provide 24-hour management and assistance, enabling our clients to concentrate on the travel objective. However, we endeavour to educate and train our clients to provide them with the necessary skills to organically manage travel risk.

Key Deliverables from Certus International:

  • Intuitive, detailed, highly accurate travel risk profile prior to travel
  • We will monitor the progress of your staff during the excursion and keep them informed of any relevant information
  • In high-threat areas, the provision of former Special Forces personnel who are familiar with the country and have pre-existing networks to call upon
  • We will educate your staff on the the travel location prior to travelling via our e-learning platform
Certus International – Dedicated to securing your corporate mobility.