Alams Aware

In an increasingly integrated global environment, Certus International offer a broad spectrum of investigative capabilities.

Certus International offer a broad spectrum of investigative capabilities to support corporate clients and individuals - no task is too big or complex for us to deliver on.

Our ex-Special Forces and Intelligence Services personnel have years of experience, utilising constantly evolving analogue and digital techniques to deliver bespoke advice for quantifiable effect. Activities in this area inevitably have a unique context; our specialists will analyse and provide actionable strategies and solutions to support aims and requirements.

Investigation progress can be communicated securely via Alams Aware, our e-learning platform that can be used to package all reports and data inclusive of all audio and visual products.

Certus International offers the following services:

  • Surveillance – We conduct a variety of covert surveillance activities worldwide to gain information and intelligence.
  • Counter-surveillance – We can identify if individuals or organisations are the subject of a surveillance operation, and if so, who is conducting it.
  • Anti-surveillance – We transit personnel and/or your assets from a start point, to an end point providing the peace of mind they are ‘clean’ when they arrive at the destination. We can deliver this in a discreet way, denying hostile surveillance entities the realisation an anti-surveillance task has been conducted.
  • Evidence Gathering – We conduct surveillance, and cultivate relationships with, subjects of interest to gain visual and audio evidence to support requirements of defined end-states.
  • Penetration Testing/Security Auditing – We bring all our capabilities to bear against locations, personnel and assets to test for vulnerabilities.
  • Corporate Investigations – In complex business environments we use our multi-faceted skill sets to uncover nefarious activity committed by employees, or third parties.
  • Tracing Investigations – We use our vast experience and resources to locate persons of interest.